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Welcome to Calaxy!
Welcome to Calaxy!
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Welcome to Calaxy! 👋

Calaxy is a Social Marketplace for Creators, by Creators - built on Hedera Hashgraph. Calaxy is reimagining the way Creators use social media: empowering more meaningful and fulfilling fan experiences through direct ownership of their connection with fans and the value created from those connections. From the very beginning, Calaxy has sought to become known as THE Creator Economy.

Calaxy enhances the Creator-Fan relationship through new ownership models uniquely enabled by decentralized technology. 

Unlike most web3 projects, Calaxy took no shortcuts and prioritized building a user experience that unlocks the benefits of web3 technology without all the headache. We are building a universe for all walks of life to tap into some really cool web3-enabled magic no matter their interest in crypto.

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