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General Calaxy FAQ
General Calaxy FAQ
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What is Calaxy?

Calaxy is a first-of-its-kind experiential marketplace connecting Creators with their fans in ways never before imagined. Creators set up profiles like they would on legacy social media platforms, and can populate those profiles with content and experiences for their fans.

Is Calaxy for Creators or for their fans?

Both. Calaxy offers fans the ability to interact with their favorite Creators like never before. Fans are able to get attention, time, access, agency, engagement and more from Creators than on any other platform and Creators are able to interact with their fanbases and monetize their brands more effectively.

With Calaxy, we’ve redefined the Creator-fan dynamic, putting more autonomy in the hands of the people who bring the most value to those relationships…the Creators and the people that follow them.

Can I use my debit/credit card to purchase experiences and subscriptions on Calaxy?

Yes, Calaxy accepts all major credit and debit cards.

How do I request an experience from a Creator?

To purchase content or experiences from a Creator, simply navigate to that Creator’s Calaxy Profile and click on “Shop My Shop.” From there, you’ll be able to see the different experiences that Creator offers and follow the necessary purchase flow to check out.

You’ll also be able to subscribe to a Creator’s Fan Club on their Calaxy Profile. If a Creator you follow on Calaxy publishes a piece of content to their Fan Club, it will still display in your Feed as locked. You can subscribe to that Creator’s Fan Club through that individual post to unlock the content in your Feed.

What happens if my request expires?

If your request expires, the funds used to submit the request are returned to the purchaser’s Calaxy Wallet or card on file.

If a specific request to a specific Creator is expiring repeatedly, it likely means that the Creator is too busy or has too many requests to be able to respond and/or fulfill that particular ask. You can keep trying or submit a Special Request for a greater chance of receiving a response.

Does Calaxy offer refunds?

As a general rule, Calaxy does not offer refunds.

If you feel that a Creator hasn’t provided adequate service, please email [email protected]

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