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"My Profile" is the digital face of user and Creators. It is one of the 5 major areas of the Calaxy App and can be navigated by tapping a profile avatar (either your own, or someone else's) anywhere profile avatars show up. Your Profile is where your bio and content lives. Profiles are very customizable, giving you the freedom to express yourself and what you care about in unique ways.

Here is a list of key activities that you can do in the Profile tab:

  • Set image or video banners

  • Set image of NFT profile pic

  • Accept and/or give tips

  • Shop Creator experiences

  • Join a Creator’s Fan Club

  • Scroll feed content from the user (Posts, Polls, NFT Collectibles, Fan Club)

  • Pin a post

  • Edit profile

  • Share profile link

  • Send a message

  • Setup my Shop (Creator’s Only)

Did you know?

Profile banners can be videos? Also, profile pictures can be a Collectible (NFT) you own. 🤓

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