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Your Shop is home to all the premium products and experiences you offer on Calaxy. Fans "buy" experiences from you in the form of requests that land in your Messages > Requests feed. Your "Shop" is basically your profile storefront where fans can shop around and see all the experiences you are open to delivering through Calaxy.

The Shop is comprised of 3 areas:

1. Fan Club

2. Standard Experiences
3. Featured Experiences

Fan Club

Fan Club is a monthly subscription service that allows fans to access your exclusive content. When you have Fan Club turned on -- when you go to publish a post or poll on the Calaxy Home Feed, you can optionally make that content only visible to Fan Club members. This will mean only those subscribed to your Fan Club can see the content. Everyone else will see a blurred out "locked" version that will entice them to sign up on the fly when they see something that interests them

Standard Experiences

Standard experiences are a suite of 6 unique product types that you can quickly and easily turn on and make available to your fans. The 6 products are:

1. Video Calls

Video Calls are a paid 3-5min video call with a Fan, delivered through the Calaxy Video Call feature. Fans book video calls with you according to your Calendar availability. You confirm/deny each booking from directly inside the Calaxy Messenger.

2. Video Messages

Video Messages are pre-recorded videos you make on your phone, in response to a fan request. Then upload and send to a fan directly in your DMs with them to instantly unlock a Payout.

3. Premium DMs

Premium DMs are essentially a fee a fan would pay to send you different kinds of messages (ie. text, video, photo, link). You set the prices of each message type, and fans can start sending you "Premium DMs" -- paying the fee you set, to send the message to you. When a fan sends you a Premium DM, the Payout from that fan is instantly and automatically unlocked. There is no action needed on your part. You can of course, respond to fans if you want to, but a response is not required to unlock Payouts from Premium DMs.

4. Shoutouts

Shoutouts are public posts you publish on Calaxy, or supported 3rd party apps - where you @mention the username of the Fan, and tag #calaxy.. along with content relevant to the Fan's request. Shoutouts need to be live on your channel for a minimum 24hrs to count. Shoutouts are programatically verified by the Calaxy platform, and the Payout for the Shoutout will unlock instantly at the 24-hour mark.

5. Follows

Follows are a product where you offer to follow the Fan, in exchange for a monthly fee. So you could set the price of your Follow at $50/mth, and.. so long as the fan is paying you $50/mth, you follow them on relevant social channel. Follow subscriptions can be cancelled by Fans or Creators at any time.

6. Special Requests

Special Requests are a custom "off-menu" request type that allows you as a Creator to take in totally open ended requests from fans. These requests could be in person or online. You start by setting the minimum offer price required in order to submit a Special Request, and depending on the nature of the request, you can counter-offer the fan and ask them to change the offer to satisfy your need before accepting.

Featured Experiences

Featured Experiences are custom branded versions of a standard products. This allows you the Creator to package something like a Video Call as a "Private Yoga Session On The Beach" with a fixed price and time limit. You can add your own graphics or promo videos, your own title and description, and you can categorize the product so fans can easily shop and find what they are looking for. In addition to showing up in your Shop panel, Featured Experiences show up as a carousel on your profile, so you can easily drive lots of attention to your top performing experiences.

A good way to think about the difference between Standard Experiences and Featured Experiences is who is setting the context of the experience.

With Standard Experiences, fans set the context of the request. (ie. a fan might come to you and say "I want a happy birthday video message for my daughter Gracie")

With Featured Experiences, you as the Creator set the context of the request, and brand it accordingly. (ie. I am offering a 1hr private Yoga Session for $500). Featured Experiences are pre-packaged by you vs. open-ended standard experiences where Fans come to you with what they want.

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