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The Calaxy Messenger is where a lot of the magic happens in the app. The Messenger is one of the 5 major sections of the platform, and can be accessed by tapping the paper airplane icon on the bottom app nav bar.

The Messenger is home to all of your normal conversations with friends. But its also the place to buy and receive all kinds of experiences from your favourite Creators, like booking a Video Call, getting a Video Message, texting, asking for a Shoutout etc.

If you are a Creator, the Calaxy Messenger is your book of business. Requests for all the experiences you have set up in your Shop, land in the "Requests" tab of the Calaxy Messenger. The Messages > Requests feed is where you will deliver experiences back to Fans, and unlock instant Payouts.

The Calaxy Messenger has a built-in calendar that handles all the scheduling for live events between Fans and Creators (ie. Video calls, special off-app events). The calendar can be accessed at any time by tapping the calendar icon at the top of the Messages feed.

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