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The Calaxy Rules of the Game (Marketplace Policies) establish guidelines for how the social marketplace should function in a fair and optimal way, balancing the inherent risk present in online transactions between users. Below is some general information about the Social Marketplace, in no particular order. This marketplace policy handbook is designed as friendly reference, derived from Calaxy's Terms Of Use.

  • The base currency of Calaxy is $USDC

  • Creators unlock Payouts in $USDC that are made available for withdraw to their Calaxy wallet (as $USDC) or connected bank account (as USD)

  • Gas fees are paid in $HBAR

  • Users (Creators and Fans) can buy $USDC and $HBAR via Sardine, sending the purchased crypto to their Calaxy wallet address.

  • “Users” refers to everyone on the app, including Fans and Creators

    • Fans refer to users who can buy Creator experiences

    • Creators refer to users that have all the abilities of a Fan, plus: selling experience products and subscriptions, and withdrawing $USDC to fiat

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