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Special Request Product Rules
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This applies to the Special Request product, and Special Request Featured Experience (white labled) products.



Can a Fan cancel their Special Request before the Creator accepts/declines and get a refund?


  • Who pays the gas fees for the refund if the payment was made in $USDC?


Can a Fan modify their Special Request before the Creator accepts/declines it?


Must the Fan submit to escrow the minimum offer amount set by a Creator in order to submit the Special Request?


How does a Creator counter the initial offer by the fan?

If a Creator isn’t happy with any part of the Special Request (the offer, the requirements, the date/time etc).. They can message the fan in their conversation and get more details, ask the fan to modify their request, up the offer etc. Once the Creator is happy with the request, they can tap the “Accept offer” button to officially commit to the request.

Can a fan cancel the request after the Creator has accepted?

No. But the fan can message the Creator and request that they cancel, triggering a refund. Cancellations of this manor would be at the Creator's discretion and is not guaranteed.

When a Creator marks a Special Request “Complete” – how long does Calaxy hold their Payout in escrow before releasing it to their wallet?

5 days, provided there are no serious disputes raised from the Fan

  • What happens if a serious dispute is raised by the fan?

Calaxy will prolong the payout release, and seek to resolve the dispute between the Creator and Fan.

How soon after submitting the request can a fan specify the request is needed by? (lead time)

No lead time.

Do Special Requests have a response expiry timer?

Yes, which represents the date/time the Special request needs to be delivered (as set by the fan).

If the fan wants a confirmation from the Creator before the actual date/time of the Special Request.. Where do they specify this?

This will be a “lead time” drop down selector that sits just below the calendar (where the fan specifies the date/time needed) – this "lead time" drop down selector allows the Fan to specify how much time before the event they need a commitment from the Creator. This will establish the expiry time of the request.

  • What happens if the Creator doesn’t respond to the fan by the time/date they are asking for confirmation?

The request will expire and the fan will be refunded.

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