Wallet Overview
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The Calaxy Wallet is the financial hub of the app. All crypto and Collectibles (NFTs) that belong to a user live here. The Wallet can be accessed from the main app nav bar by tapping the Wallet icon. The Wallet main view displays crypto and Collectibles in card and list formats. User’s can also search for assets, and access the wallet menu from the upper right corner. The wallet menu provides access to a suite of features detailed below.

Here are a list of key activities you can do from your Calaxy Wallet:

  • View your crypto and Collectibles

  • Search your crypto and Collectibles

  • View your USD equiv. wallet balance

  • Mint a Collectible [NFT] (Menu)

  • Send/Receive Crypto & NFTs (Menu)

  • Withdraw to Bank Account (Creator's Only)

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